Dinner for One – Salad in my Pasta


I found myself at home without my hubby and kids the other night (which doesn’t happen often) so had to cook up a quick dinner for one after getting home from work. My go to dish is usually pasta of some sort since it is something I can easily adjust for just one person.

Tonight’s dinner came with some inspiration from the bacon sitting in my fridge and some frozen peas  (a great combination). I also decided to see if I could incorporate some newly growing veggies from my garden and the rest is delicious history!

I am calling this one – Salad in my Pasta


1 cup dry pasta of your choice (more or less depending on how hungry you are)
I used Fettuccine noodles  (I ended up with approximately 2 cups of cooked pasta)

2 small radishes sliced/chopped into bite size pieces (or other veggie of your choice like green beans or asparagus)







2 – 3 pieces of bacon chopped into bite size pieces

2 eggs whisked

3/4 cup thawed peas (more or less depending on what you like)

2 tbsp chopped green onions (scallions or chives)

1/2 cup lightly chopped baby mesclun greens – although I am growing greens my garden seems to be sprouting more Mizuna right now so that is what I chopped. It was great as it has a nice peppery flavor like a mustard green.









Boil salted water for your pasta.

Chop raw bacon into small pieces. In a saucepan cook bacon until just browned. Drain any fat you don’t want out of the saucepan. Add sliced radishes or veggies of your choice and saute until just cooked.







Cook your pasta until el dente. Drain in a colander and add pasta back into saucepan.

Keep stove on low heat. Take whisked eggs and quickly stir into hot pasta until eggs cook and get incorporated into pasta.

Add bacon and sauteed veggies to pasta. Toss lightly and then place on plate.







Pile lightly chopped greens on top of pasta. Add salt & pepper as desired. Some Parmesan cheese shavings would also be great on this (alas none in my house tonight!








Mix salad into the hot pasta and enjoy!



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2 Responses to Dinner for One – Salad in my Pasta

  1. Maayke says:

    Oh yummie, I love pasta with lots of greens. I like to add rucola to my pasta, but this looks even better. great inspiration. I can also make the pasta with the peas and bacon for my dear child and add the salad for me and hubby. Great inspiration, Quinne.

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