Heaven in a Bowl for Breakfast


I love vacations. Who doesn’t? When we take family vacations we usually don’t stay in hotels and prefer to rent homes/condos and do the cooking ourselves. The best part for us is being able to treat ourselves with some of our favorite meals while we are away.

Breakfast is my favorite indulgence and since I don’t want to spend all morning in the kitchen I prefer something quick and delicious. With summer comes some amazing local fresh fruit and that is usually where I start.

Here are my ingredients for ‘heaven in a bowl’ for breakfast:

  • Fresh cut up fruit – for me it is strawberries and fresh figs (delicious and lots of fiber too)
  • Couple of dollops of full fat (yes I said full fat) plain Greek yogurt
  • Granola of your choice (note to self – try and make granola myself)
  • Handful of walnuts
  • Drizzle of honey


Fruit at the bottom, topped with yogurt, topped with granola, then walnuts and a little bit of honey….heaven in a bowl. You can’t go wrong with this to start your day, especially when it involves lying on a beach and swimming in the ocean.


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One Response to Heaven in a Bowl for Breakfast

  1. Lisa says:

    Looks like dessert for brekkies! Yummy, I’ll go for that!

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