Meat & Bread


Meat & Bread. Just two simple words, but so great together don’t you think?

Even Guy Fieri covered it when he was recently here in Vancouver last year filming episodes for Triple D (aka Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives).

This place was at the top of my list to try for quite awhile but their location was just a bit too far to make it there and back during my lunch hour. So down the list it went.

But a few weeks ago I was out and about and noticed a sign up in an empty storefront around the corner from my office. It read, “Opening Soon – Meat & Bread“. Oh yeah baby! Back at the top of my list.

So finally the other week I was able to head over for my lunch hour to finally see what the buzz was about. I timed it right and even though there was a line when we got there it moved quickly and efficiently.

They have a very simple menu. Four sandwiches only, two sides and a few beverages. That’s it. All sandwiches are $8, except the veggie which is $7. Choices include; porchetta, corned beef, the daily special and a weekly changing vegetarian special.

Wait what? Vegetarian Special? Isn’t that an oxymoron in a place that is called Meat & Bread? But hey I guess they want to be inclusive.

Me, I went straight for the porchetta. Go big or go home, right?

Mmmm Porchetta






The bread  is the same for all. A fresh Ciabatta bun, which I personally love. There was a decent amount of meat, a little bit of pork crackling and then some Salsa Verde drizzled on top.






While overall it was a great lunch, unfortunately, the sandwich is really really salty!  I knew it would be salty, however I wasn’t expecting that big of a punch. It overwhelmed my mouth and distracted me from the the other great things about the sandwich. I was pounding back the water for the rest of the afternoon.

Verdict? The sandwich was good, but not stellar.  And the price point of $8 is a little high. However, I will go back and try some of their other sandwiches and hopefully I will find something to write home about.


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2 Responses to Meat & Bread

  1. Coopernicus says:

    Sounds good… But why didn’t you give me a call?! I work right near that place and have always wanted to go… next time lemme’ know if you’re trying out a new place! :)

  2. Quinne says:

    Next time I will!

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